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2016 JKF Classic Redfish Spot Calcutta
This year 321Fish.com is also hosting an online Redfish Spot Calcutta event during the JKF Classic. It will be a $20 entry fee and the cash is paid out to the winner based on the slot redfish with the most spots on one side.

To participate in the Spot Calcutta login to 321Fish and enter the tournament, making sure to complete the entry including paying the $20 fee for the Calcutta the tournament password is SPOTSLOT in uppercase.

The Spot Calcutta is purely an online event. To participate– you must enter at 321Fish.com and check-in your fish at 321Fish.com. The Calcutta will be paid out at the Classic Banquet.

We recommend you enter the Classic Scoring event at 321Fish.com before you enter the Spot Calcutta. If you are using the online check-in option via the Classic Scoring event, participating in the Spot Calcutta is easy - just enter the Spot Calcutta after entering the Classic Scoring event.

The Spot Calcutta is the most spots on a single side of a slot Redfish. The fish must be within the 18-27" slot and tail pinching is optional. Only take a picture of the side of the Redfish with the most spots (and don't forget the unique token).

No launch picture is required for the Spot Calcutta.

You do NOT need to check-in a redfish twice to make it count for the Classic and the Spot Calcutta. Both the Classic and the Spot Calcutta events will use the same unique token assigned at the Classic captain’s meeting so only a single check-in of a Redfish is needed. 321Fish.com will automatically apply your checked in redfish to both your Classic and Spot Calcutta scorecards automatically.

For example if you check-in (at 321Fish.Com) a 26" red with one spot, your Classic scorecard will be credited with a 26" Redfish, and your Spot Calcutta scorecard will be credited with a one spot Redfish. Then perhaps you check-in a 32" Redfish with two spots - this will upgrade your Classic scorecard to have a 32" Redfish, but your Spot Calcutta scorecard will still have only a one spot Redfish because the 32" Redfish is above the slot )this is done automatically by 321Fish). Finally you catch and check-in a 23" red with 14 spots - your Classic scorecard will remain at 32" but your Spot Calcutta scorecard will be upgraded to a 14 spot Redfish.

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